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A real dummy and his cast of colorful characters!

Family friendly or Adult shows of all types! Each character can be tailored to your event's needs! 


A wild young punk with a snarky attitude and sizzling talent on the ebony and ivories! 

 He delivers great and fast paced comedy material paired with heart-thumping piano playing and singing of hot 1950s rock and roll classics!


He's crazy, he's loud, he's...


He's a real live wire!

He's hooked on coffee and rock and roll music!



Turns out, you can teach an old dog new tricks! 

Lyle is one of our best and strongest characters!

He is a very old and senile dog that will crack even the toughest crowds! He earns your guests' hearts and your venue will be loud with laughter! 

He doesn't bite though...

...His dentures got stuck last time!


 "Hello, I'm Johnny Cashless!"

Johnny pays tribute to a very popular country music artist from the good ole' days. 

He delivers jokes involving his troubles with the law and sings a few tunes including a 

lightning-fast rendition of 

"I've Been Everywhere"!


He's socially awkward and has stage fright, but that doesnt stop our little nerdy friend here from coming out with his fast-paced comedy act and trying to (awkwardly) impress the pretty girls in the crowd! 

Your crowd will certainly fall in love with this charming geek!


With this microphone, his swooning voice, his singing and swinging, and this kiss he places upon your hand, he will fly you to the moon!

Mr.Wonderful pays tribute to the famed Rat Pack in the golden days of swing jazz and big band orchestras!


Marriage is an institution! And these two lovebirds will appeal to any audience who can relate to their love! 

Geraldine is sugar and spice and everything nice!

Or as George says,

"Vinegar, malice, and everything callous!"

They're so cute together!

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